FAQ and Technical

FAQ and Technical

We believe that the Insulated Concrete Formwork gives value for money and that it has countless benefits as a building system and on site, some of which we have highlighted below:

Building control – with the leading ICF block products on the market being BBA approved and our teams qualified as approved installers the Building Control requirements are met from very early stages without a site visit.

Warranties - Any structure built with one of the recognised Insulated Concrete Forms systems will be able to obtain Latent defects warranty from any major warranty provider in the UK

Energy efficiency - The ICF walls can provide outstanding U values over and above the standard requirements sometimes as low as 0.11 w/m2k. This will always pass with flying colours through SAP calculations, Building Codes assessments and complex design requirements.

Sound proofing - Some of the Insulated Concrete Forms achieve the ‘Robust Details Credits’ for party walls eliminating the need of sound proofing tests for multi dwelling properties

Building - The flexibility in formwork with the Insulated Concrete Formwork walls can allow for standard connection details and support for steel beams, beam and block flooring, concrete slabs and joists without any additional works.

Faq ICF Structure - Having a reinforced concrete core the ICF block walls provide support for load bearing of the structure of the building such as floors, beams and roofing structures.

As well as suspended casted floors the Eco-joists work very well with the ICF block structure, being easier to install than in the traditional construction methods and together as a system can offer great benefits including ease of service runs eliminating the need for building works in connection with services, chasing etc.

Faq ICF Scaffolding - The Insulated Concrete Formwork method of construction requires the use of a bracing system that supports the ICF block walls when pouring concrete and also provides a 3 board working platform eliminating the need of scaffolding. This is a great cost saving compared to the scaffold requirements for brickwork construction.

Basements – The great benefits in basement construction with Insulated concrete walls technology can be easily identified not only in the costs but also when considering the design as a whole from structure, insulation, and most importantly unbeatable waterproofing performance – fast and cost efficient with minimum of 10 years warranty –

Finishes – The ICF walls provide the perfect substrate for acrylic render finishes, have built in fixings ready to receive cladding framework and brickwork finishes many times offering great cost savings and more time reductions on site. Faq ICF